The RME Server

Restrained MaxExpect Based secondary RNA structure prediction

Previously, we have reported a new RNA secondary structure prediction method, restrained MaxExpect (RME), which can incorporate multiple types of experimental probing data and is based on a free energy model and an MEA (maximizing expected accuracy) algorithm. To better serve the scientists who are interested in the RNA structure study, we developed this RME server. Users can upload their sequencing data to the RME server and predict the strcture with four popular prediction software (RME, MaxExpect, SeqFold, and RNAFold) and download the results. Also, we have compiled recent studies on RNA secondary structure determination. Users can compare and download the structures of homologus transcripts.

RME works as a server

You can upload your reads file to the RME server and predict RNA secondary strucutre with from one to four populary RNA secondary sturcure prediction software and view and download the results.

RME works as a database

We have compiled all experimental probed RNA secondary strucuture for this moment as a helpful resource to the scientific community.

Reference: Yang Wu1,Binbin Shi1, Xinqiang Ding, Tong Liu, Xihao Hu, Kevin Y. Yip, Zheng Rong Yang, David H. Mathews and Zhi John Lu (2015)Improved prediction of RNA secondary structure by integrating the free energy model with restraints derived from experimental probing data.Nucleic Acids Research 43(15):7247-59