The RME Server

Restrained MaxExpect Based secondary RNA structure prediction

SeqFold introduction

A tool for RNA secondary structure prediction with multiple types of experimental probing data. It can use experimental pairing probabilities to restrain the partition function, and predict the structure with maximum restrained expected accuray based on a MEA algorithm, MaxExpect (Lu *et al*., 2009 *RNA* ). It is based on the *RNAstructure* package. It also provides preprocessing scripts for transforming the SHAPE, PARS and DMS-seq data into pairing probability according a posterior probabilistic model. Moreover, it also contains a utility for optimizing the parameters of RME by RME-Optimize.

Upload Data Files (SeqFold)

Data File Needed Valid Format Upload
Sequence data for test (size limit:<1M) FASTA(.fa)
Data file containing reactivity for test (size limit:<1M) txt