CCG, Catalogue of Cancer Genes/lncRNAs, is a manually curated database providing both known and candidate cancer protein-coding genes and lncRNAs. With the help of CCG, users can easily access to a comprehensive list of cancer genes as well as genomic aberration related with these genes. The availability of integrative information will facilitate the understanding of cancer mechanisms. In addition, drug-gene information in CCG provides a useful guide to the development of new anti-cancer drugs and selection of rational combination therapies.

About the CCG


The identification of cancer genes remains a main aim of cancer research. CCG includes both well-supported and candidate cancer protein-coding genes and cancer lncRNAs collected from literature research and public databases. In addition, uniform genomic aberration information (such as somatic mutations copy number variants information) and drug-gene interactions were assigned to cancer genes in the database. CCG represents an effort on integrative assembling of well-supported and candidate cancer protein-coding and long noncoding RNA genes and takes advantages of high-throughput sequencing results on large population.

What can users do with CCG?

  • Search

    Identification records and cancer infroamtions by particular gene symbol or ensembl ID;

  • Browse

    Both the known and candidate cancer genes by protein-coding abilities and primary sites.;

  • Visualization

    Users can visualize somatic mutaion information in the genome wide in genome browse;

  • Download

    All known and candidate cancer protein-coding genes and lncRNA as well as association genomic aberration data. The drug-gene interactions were provided as well.

Using CCG for your research

  • Investigate

    The relationship between cancer protein-coding genes and lncRNA and human cancer;

  • Explore

    The functions and molecular mechanisms of cancer protein-coding genes and lncRNAs;

  • Identify

    Novel cancer biomarkers and drug targets.

What's New
Version 1.1 released -- 09-26-2016
Version 1.0 released -- 04-27-2016
Data Brief Summary

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