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POSTAR2 is a comprehensive database for exploring post-transcriptional regulation based on CLIP-seq data, Ribo-seq data, RNA-seq data and other high-throughput sequencing data from 6 species, including human, mouse, fly, worm, Arabidopsis, and yeast. POSTAR2 is developed as the updated version of CLIPdb and POSTAR, which provides the largest collection of RBP binding sites and functional annotations.

POSTAR2 provides three modules: (i)“RBP” module, which provides annotations and functions of RBPs, as well as RBP binding sites; (ii) “RNA” module, consisting of several sub-modules including “Binding sites”, “Crosstalk”, “Variation” and “Disease”, which annotates the RBP binding sites using various regulatory events and genomic variants; (iii) “Translatome” module, which aims for exploring the translation landscape of genes across different tissues and cell lines.

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  • POSTAR2 released in June, 2018.
  • Expanded to 6 species, including human, mouse, fly, worm, Arabidopsis and yeast.
  • Built a new module “Translatome”, which contains ~36 million ORFs among 6 species and involves 171 Ribo-seq datasets and 129 RNA-seq datasets.
  • Added ~500 CLIP-seq datasets (~1200 CLIP-seq datasets in total). POSTAR2 hosts the largest collection (~40 million) of RBP binding sites identified from CLIP-seq experiments.
  • Updated RNA modification, RNA editing and some other post-transcriptional regulatory data.
  • Updated genomic variants and disease-associated variants data.
  • Provided a more user-friendly “help” module which contains detailed tutorials to ensure an easier use.
  • POSTAR 1.0 released in April, 2016.
  • POSTAR beta released in July, 2015.
  • CLIPdb released in September, 2014.

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